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KROKE – The Sounds of the Vanishing World


„This album is something more than Klezmer music. Kroke are three musicians from Krakow  that combine a traditional emotion in their music with an intelligence and creativity that achieves something that is truly new. Listening to Kroke demands the ability to let their music flow deep into collective conscience. If ever you have had the desire to fly free in you own fantasy, then this album is your airport. Kroke’s music is not easy listening, yet there is a friction-less feeling that lets it slide away. This is music of dreams, old European Jewish dreams and new Global secular dreams. The underlying styles and sounds are the expression of the global world, multi-cultural, alive and kicking, yet still there is the touch of sadness that reminds us of pain both past and present. Thanks to Kroke the world vanishes a little less.”

(from a customer review)



  • 1. Earth (Behusher Chosid) – Kroke
  • 2. Air – Kroke
  • 3. Question (Bublitschki) – Kroke
  • 4. Time – Kroke
  • 5. Dance Jerzy – Kroke
  • 6. Love (Lullaby For Kamila) – Kroke
  • 7. Fire – Kroke
  • 8. Water – Kroke
  • 9. The Sounds Of The Vanishing World – Kroke

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