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Kobieta i Mężczyzna – rzeźba


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Józef Reguła is a self-taught person, he creates sculptures and bas-reliefs of various sizes, mostly of linden wood.

Has many individual and collective exhibitions. His sculptures have been presented in various places in Poland and abroad, incl. in Kraków (Piwnica pod Baranami), Sandomierz, Mielec, Tarnobrzeg, Staszów, Szydłów, Chmielnik and in Stara Lubovnia in Slovakia.

He received many diplomas and awards for his creative activity. He is the protagonist of numerous articles in the regional and national press, as well as radio reports and TV programs.

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Waga 0,45 kg
Wymiary 5 × 7,5 × 20,5 cm